When it’s Time to Let Go

“Become more aware of what’s really worth your energy.” I found this quote on Pinterest a little while ago, and it’s one of the ones that has really stuck with me. I’m the type of person who has a hard time letting go – of pretty much anything. I’m not good at letting go of people or memories or traditions. But, I have become quite good at recognizing what is bringing me happiness and what is not. I’ve trained myself to let go of negative energy and to not dwell on situations or scenarios that make me angry. I don’t hold grudges, if simply for the fact that I want to feel inner peace. The problem with being both of these people is that something always comes along that I know I should let go of, and just can’t.

When you’re in college it’s easy to get attached to things quickly – even things that long-term might cause you more harm than good. Joining too many clubs and spreading yourself too thin can be something that causes you way too much stress, and yet you don’t want to pick which one to let go of. Making a bunch of new friends is so fun at first, but unfortunately sometimes when you get to know people on a deeper level they aren’t what you thought. Clearly letting go of people is much more difficult than letting go of “things.”

My advice? Before you make mass cuts to your life, take a look at what you are doing. Are you being a good friend? Are you reaching out? Are you being reliable? It’s easy for us to immediately place the blame somewhere else, but sometimes we need to take a look at ourselves first. If you truly find that the fault is not your own, then it’s time to do some re-evaluating. Don’t let anyone tell you that removing toxicity from your life is selfish. Life is hard as it is. Trying to live in a positive, optimistic mind set can be especially challenging sometimes. And being around people who bring out the worst in you, the negative side of you? You don’t need that. You need support and joy and happiness. And that is how I know when it’s time to let go. When that club, or friend, or job gets to the point where it never makes you experience joy anymore. It’s definitely one of those hard truths to swallow, but sometimes it’s just necessary.

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