Work All Day, Party All… Never

Summers in college are an interesting time. Some people work 40 hours a week, and some don’t even have to have a job. Whatever the case may be for you, it can be really difficult. As someone who worked basically all day, every day this summer, I was on the end of being jealous of everyone who got to travel and explore. It can be hard to feel like you’re “wasting” your time doing something you don’t want to do. And I say this as someone who absolutely hated her job, but knew she needed the money. My advice comes in twofold.

One: don’t blow your money so fast during the school year that you have to work like crazy over the summer just to compensate (reference my earlier post for more on that).

Two: if you do blow your money, realize that working a lot during the summer maybe isn’t so bad. True, you’re probably missing out on a lot of stuff. But you’re making money, and whether you know it or not, you’re gaining new skills that will be beneficial in the future.

I worked my first retail job, and I’ve decided that everyone should have to at one point in their life. I learned more about patience during this job than ever before. I learned how to be a better multi-tasker and problem-solver, and I learned how to really be independent even if I didn’t want to be. I also learned that I’m not a huge fan of waking up and going to work every single day, but that’s something I guess I’ll just have to get used to. The bottom line is that even though certain things really just suck, do your best to look underneath. To find that silver lining (no matter how small it may be) and do your best to take something good away from everything.

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