Tick-Tock Goes the Clock

Time Management: the dreaded phrase every freshmen hears and ignores – until it’s too late.

Lucky for me, I was always extremely organized. Buying my planner for college was more exciting than buying dorm decorations (yes I’m that person). Right away, I wrote down due dates, homework assignments, club meetings, etc. My planner was color coordinated and was the light of my life. Then I realized, I didn’t actually use my planner as much as I wrote in it. Sure, everything I needed to do was in there, but it didn’t do me much good if I didn’t look at it ahead of time. I realized that not only was I struggling to keep up with due dates, I was also struggling to fit everything into my schedule.

Then I discovered Google Calendar – my new best friend. I put my class schedule, work schedule, club meetings, and even my social plans into it. It made everything so much more manageable. Having my whole week laid out in front of me showed me when I had time to get assignments done, and when I had time to hang out with my friends. Of course it, too, was color coordinated, making everything that much easier to visualize.

The key is to prioritize: is it really more important to get ice cream with your friends than finish that paper? Is putting off an assignment an extra day going to kill you so you can go to that concert? My best piece of advice is to stay on top of things as best you can. Putting homework off until the last second does nothing but stress you out. College is a time where all your best friends live within ten minutes of you, so make sure you have that spare time to see them or to just relax by yourself for a night. As someone who always has a jam-packed schedule, it’s definitely a challenge to find that balance. But, with a little time and planning ahead, it can easily be done.

2018-05-16 (1)
A sample of what a typical week looks like for me – and how my Google calendar makes it all manageable

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